Mission Statement

BODY POETRY – Listening to your body’s language

I believe in embracing and celebrating individual identity and personality. I believe in honouring the whole person, not just in treating parts or conditions. I am committed to an holistic approach to therapy where the physical health of the body is considered to be as important as spiritual, emotional and mental well-being.

I promote long term wellness and work in conjunction with modern medicine to support and improve daily life. I feel that health and wellbeing are an ongoing journey of discovery and insight, and I believe that I can, sometimes, be a guide for a particular bend in the path.

“Everyone has their own physical poetry to express, I hope to offer a language by which you can phrase it.”

Commitment to service

About Us

  • I aim to tailor my treatments to meet your specific needs,
  • I aim to value your time and presence in my space,
  • I aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere to everyone from every walk of life,
  • I aim to consistently extend a professional, discreet and confidential service,
  • I aim to meet your needs to the best of my ability,
  • I aim to proudly host an openly gender friendly space,
  • I aim to always use whatever pronouns and terms of address you find most comfortable,
  • I aim to encourage and welcome you to express yourself in whatever manner you feel most secure in.