Aftercare is an important part of any therapy. It allows you to continue the good work your therapist has started and helps you to care for your body more effectively!

AftercareGeneral Aftercare

Drink Plenty of water. Treatments act like a work out for the body and water is needed to keep things in motion.

Put off driving immediately. You may be feeling a bit sleepy after treatment and need some time to come around properly.

Eat lightly. A heavy meal will redirect your body’s energy into digestion rather than continuing the positive effects from treatment such as increased healing.

Avoid strenuous activity. Your body will need to continue to balance itself after treatment and resting gives it time to do this. Resting also allows the body to heal and helps worked muscles.

Avoid alcohol and other stimulants. These can put stress on the urinary system and may undo the relaxing effects of the therapy.

Avoid showers, baths and swimming for the first few hours if you have had aromatherapy oils used in your treatment so they can continue working.

Avoid steam rooms and saunas. Open pores from warming treatments like Hot Stones make you more prone to picking up dirt, irritants or bacteria. You may also feel dizzy or become dehydrated.

Avoid sun beds and tanning for 24 hours. Oils left on your skin can increase your photosensitivity and make you more likely to burn.

General Homecare

homecareKeep up to date with regular treatments to maintain your body’s balance and continue to stimulate healing and relief.

Use an exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells stimulated by the massage.

Apply a moisturiser to rehydrate your skin, improve elasticity and keep skin in good condition.

Take some time out for yourself, to relax. Recharging your energies helps healing, reduces tension and eases stress, anxiety and depression.

Treatment Specific Aftercare

Hopi Ear Candling Aftercare

  • After treatment your ear may secrete wax for up to 48 hours so you may wish to protect your bed linen with a towel.
  • Do not use cotton buds to remove ear wax from inside the ear as this can compact the wax further. Simply clean wax gentle away with a, clean, moist paper towel when it presents.
  • Use ear plugs when swimming for the first few days to protect the ears from trapped water.
  • Your ears may be more sensitive to loud noises after treatment so it is advisable to listen to music at a lower setting than normal.