I currently offer the following subsidised fees for clients in need. Please bring appropriate documentary evidence to support your fee reduction with you to your session, I cannot apply any discounts without proof. If you are unsure if you qualify for a discount or require more information please contact me.

Offers10% Off for all armed forces personnel, past and present. Please bring work related ID or proof of past employment.

10% Off for active community service personnel (Paramedics, Nurses, Care Workers, CAB Workers, Police Staff and Fire Brigade). Please bring work ID.

10% Off for Elderly patients aged 65 or over. Please bring proof of age (Driver’s license, passport, birth certificate).

£10 reduction for long term sick or disabled people in receipt of benefits. Please bring your most recent benefits letter as proof (i.e. ESA, DLA, PIP).

£10% off for treatments on recipients of other benefits (JSA & Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit etc). Please bring your most recent benefits letter as proof.