Chronic Pain

Body poetry – Listening to your body’s language

ChronicPainOffering the body and mind  a space to relax can make a real difference to long term pain management but our experience of pain tends to be unique to us – so why shouldn’t your treatment be too?

 I combine different massage techniques and holistic practices depending on your needs, allowing me the flexibility to help with conditions that can vary from week to week. I focus on the physical and emotional tensions caused by living with constant pain and try to encourage a reprieve from over stimulation by soothing the nervous system.

I use gentle techniques that focus on reducing inflammation and stimulating hormones such as Endorphin, Oxytocin and Serotonin which interact with the opiate receptors in the brain – helping to reduce your perception of pain, improve sleep and boost mood.

These sessions are entirely client led; pressure is moderated according to what is comfortable for you on the day and gentle techniques that produce tension relief without intensive manipulation or discomfort are favoured. Treatment can take place in whatever manner is most comfortable for you and I can work effectively in several positions other than the standard lying prone on a massage couch.

You are also more than welcome to bring your partner or carer into your sessions to support you and to learn techniques to use in your ongoing care at home.

Session Prices

An initial consultation lasting around 15 minutes is included in the first session.

60mins. Focused treatment.  £45
90mins. Full body treatment. £60
30mins. Follow Up Treatment. £25

Discounts are available for those on medical related benefits such as ESA, PIP or DLA. For more information about this therapy or to book an appointment please contact me.