Chronic Pain

…A treatment for the body is a moment for the soul…

ChronicPainWe believe that by offering the body and mind space to relax we can make a difference to long term pain management. Often with chronic pain sufferers it can be easy to forget that your body is not your enemy and that there is more to your physical being than just pain and discomfort. We would like to remind you what it is like to feel good in your skin.

We can help to bring relief from physical and emotional tensions caused by living with constant pain, soothing the nervous system and encouraging a reprieve from over stimulation. We can improve inflammation reduction and increase natural support for pain by stimulating the release of hormones such as Endorphin, Oxycocin and Serotonin, which interact with the opiate receptors in the brain and help to reduce the body’s perception of pain.

We can help to improve your mood, sleep patterns and reduce anxiety. We can even help to support your immune system. But most importantly we can help to support you. We can work with you to give treatments tailored to your needs, not set to a routine. We can help you on your journey to wellbeing by caring about your physical, spiritual and emotional self. We can listen to you and your body. We can help you to find the poetry of your body once more.


Our treatment for chronic pain does not focus on one particular style or form and instead combines elements which you find most successful into a bespoke therapy session.

To begin with we suggest that you read about our different treatments and select the one that appeals to you the most. Often this choice reflects on what you feel you need and allows us to begin with a starting block of technique to trail with you and see what you feel works.

Your first treatment will include an extensive consultation (About 30mins) which will allow us to listen to what you want from a treatment and assess how different elements and aspects of you and your lifestyle are working together. We will then do a preliminary treatment using the therapy you have chosen to see what works for you.

In the coming sessions we will then suggest developing the treatment by introducing new elements from other therapies that we feel may benefit you such as a specifically blended aromatherapy oil or a certain massage technique. Each new element will be talked through with you before being added and carefully reviewed for its effectiveness within your treatment so that we can work together to establish a treatment form that functions in a way that is best for you.

Session Prices

Consultation and Treatment
60mins (30mins Consultation, 30mins work): £50
90mins (30mins Consultation, 60mins work): £60

Further Treatments (Continuing development and Established)
30mins (Area Focused): £30
60mins (Full Body / Prolonged Area focus): £45
90mins (Full Body): £60
120mins (Intensive Treatment): £80

Discounts are available for those on medical related benefits such as ESA, PIP or DLA or who are registered disabled. Details can be found here.

For more details about how we can work with you or if you would like advice upon choosing an initial therapy please contact us.