Remedial Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Massage is the ancient art of combining natural herbal oils to make a beneficial massage tincture with therapeutic properties. I use Aromatherapy in conjunction with advanced remedial massage to produce a therapy that combines focused deep tissue work with a holistic approach.

General Information

SAM_1089cropsmallEssential oils are very similar to herbal medicines and are thought to help relieve the symptoms of both physical and psychological problems but are absorbed through the skin instead of taken orally. As your skin is the largest organ in your body and connects directly to a vast network of blood vessels this can be a very effective way to receive treatment.

Interestingly, aromatherapy also stimulates the olfactory system which links to memory, social function and the central nervous system in the brain. This is believed to allow essential oils to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural healing processes and produce positive effects on emotional and mental well-being.

Each essential oil contains its own unique healing properties and chemical composition. A skilful blending together of oils can enhance and improve treatment aims by heightening and balancing helpful characteristics, creating an oil that works with your body to gently restore wellbeing and revive you.

Common Uses

Like herbalism aromatherapy has a myriad of different uses due to the unique properties of essential oils. I prefer to blend an oil specifically to address your needs and combine this with remedial massage techniques, producing a unique approach to traditional aromatherapy and boosting the effects of my remedial work. 

Session Prices

The initial consultation includes a full physical assessment, advanced oil blending, treatment plan and massage. A new oil is blended for each treatment and a complimentary bottle of the oil will be given to you to further your treatment at home!

60 mins. Initial Consultation & Blending: £55
60 mins. Targeted Treatment: £50
90 mins. Full Body MOT: £70
30 mins. Follow Up Treatment: £35

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.


Our recommend aftercare tips let you know what can be expected after your treatment and outline several ways to continue your treatment at home, allowing you to get the best from your chosen therapy!