Deep Tissue Massage

These massage treatments use slow, firm, movements which work past the superficial layers of tissue and into the muscles themselves, giving a much deeper massage. Applies direct pressure to the body and aids in the release long held tension. Eases general aches and pains.

Sports Massage

remedialmassageA firm, pressure-based, massage which targets specific muscle groups and works to release tension and relieve problem areas or manage injuries. Great for athletes, sports persons and body builders looking to recover muscle tone and quality, reduce muscle fatigue or improve stamina and performance. 

Best For: Post Work-Out Soreness, Competitive Sports, Pulled & Injured Muscles, Frozen or Locked Muscles, ‘Knots’, Tight & Stiff Muscles.

Session Prices

An initial consultation is included in the first session and lasts for roughly 15mins.

60 mins. Targeted Treatment: £45
30 mins. Follow Up Treatment: £35
90 mins. Full Body MOT: £65

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.

Thai Massage

massageaylesburyA traditional eastern massage based on ancient Buddhist principles also known as ‘Thai Yoga Massage.’ Performed fully clothed on a traditional floor mat, this massage combines vigorous pressure point therapy, meridian energy work and yoga-like stretching to release deep seated tension and improve limb motion. 

Best For: Limb Stiffness, General Tension, Overworked Muscles, Mood Uplifting, Re-energising

Session Prices:

Ideally loose, comfortable clothing (such as gym clothes) should be worn for this massage treatment.

60 mins. Back and Legs Treatment: £45
90 mins. Full Body Treatment: £65
120 mins. Full Traditional Treatment: £80

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.

Hot Stone Massage

hotstonesA body massage using natural volcanic stones which spread a gentle, comforting, warmth across the body. Encourages deeper relaxation of the muscles and tissues and produces a soporific effect for greater relaxation and regeneration. Allows for a deeper massage without additional pressure or discomfort. 

Best for: Chronic Pain, Muscular Tension, Joint Problems, Inflammatory Conditions, Stress and Anxiety.

Session Prices

Sessions are entirely flexible. Massage work focusing on a particular area during your booked time can easily be accommodated!  Treatment currently only available in Thame.

60 mins. Whole Body Massage: £50
90 mins. Whole Body, Face and Head: £70

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.