Ear Candling

earcandletemp‘Hopi’ Ear Candling or Auricular Thermo-Therapy uses candles and face and head massage to encourage the draining of the sinuses.

Ear candles are rolled up tubes of cotton flax coated in beeswax often infused with beneficial essential oils or herbs such as St Johns Wort, Chamomile and Lavender.

The candle is placed into the ear and allowed to burn down to a pre-determined safety line, directing warm air is into the ear. This is believed to soften any wax or debris and allow it to naturally loosen and come away. It also encourages pressure within the ears and head to equalise and improves local circulation and lymphatic drainage.

All the candles used in my treatments comply with EC directives.

Best For: Vertigo, Sinus Issues, Tinnitus, Excessive Ear Wax, Hayfever, Headache & Migraine, Meniere’s Disease, Stress & Anxiety and Feelings of Pressure (Flying, Diving etc).

This treatment is not suitable for ear infections or swimmer’s ear.

Session Prices

Includes a full assessment, consultation and treatment plan for each new treatment.

30min (20min Candles, 10min Facial Massage): £30
60min (20min Candles, 40min Intensive Face, Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage): £50

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