Ear Candling

earcandletemp‘Hopi’ Ear Candling or Auricular Thermo-Therapy as it is also known is a practice dating back to ancient times and is believed to have originated with the Greeks as a form of cleansing and purifying for spiritual rites. They are perhaps more famously known through their use within Native American and Siberian prairie culture where they are traditionally used by Shamans (‘Medicine Men’) who, according to their myths, relied on them for religious rituals and healing ceremonies within the tribe.

Many people mistakenly believe that Hopi ear candles were brought to us from the Hopi Tribe of Native Americans in North Arizona but this is, sadly, not the case! However there is evidence through Oriental texts and Egyptian papyrus that the practice has been popular within many other cultures.

Ear Candles themselves are rolled up tubes of cotton flax coated in beeswax and often infused with beneficial essential oils or herbs such as St Johns Wort, Chamomile and Lavender, which have an aromatic effect (See Aromatherapy). It is believed that they have been made this way for many hundreds of years, although our modern candles have filters to protect the ear from wax and soot and are manufactured to comply with patient health and safety.

Once lit, the candle is placed in the ear and allowed to burn down to a pre-determined safety line (marked on the candle) to ensure the flame stays well away from your skin. During the candle’s burning warm air is directed into the ear which is believed to soften any wax or debris allowing them to naturally loosen and come away. Pressure within the ears and head is also encouraged to equalise.

The heat from the candle also encourages local circulation and lymphatic drainage which can help with the removal of toxins and facilitate healing as well as stimulating the inner ear and introducing a deep, soothing resonance.

Common Uses

Ear Candles offer symptomatic relief for many ear and head related conditions due to their versatile and gentle nature. The most common uses of ear candles include the treatment of; Vertigo, Sinus Issues, Tinnitus, Excessive Ear Wax, Hayfever, Headache & Migraine, Meniere’s Disease, Stress & Anxiety and Feelings of Pressure (Flying, Diving etc).

Disclaimer: Please be aware that we are unable to claim that this treatment has any medical or scientific effectiveness and so therapy should only be undertaken with appropriate discretion, research or conversation with your GP.

Session Prices

Consultation and Treatment
An initial consultation will be given for each new client and will last approximately 5mins during the first treatment to establish requested outcomes and support. Regular treatments of 4-6 sessions are advised.

30min (20min Candles, 10min Facial Massage): £30
60min (20min Candles, 40min Intensive Face, Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage): £50
75min (20min Candles, 20min Aromatherapy Facial, 35min Intenstive Face, Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage): £60

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Aftercare: To find out more about our recommended aftercare, how to look after yourself after a treatment with us and what you can expect after a therapy session we suggest reading our aftercare advice page.  Here you can find all our supported tips on getting the most of your treatment, extending your therapy at home and improving your experiences with us. A sheet containing this information will be given to you at the end of your first session and are otherwise available on request.