Reflexology2Reflexology is a traditional Buddhist form of holistic therapy which is believed to have begun over 5000 years ago. Its principles were formed under the idea of ‘The Middle Way’ which is the Buddhist belief that balanced moderation in all things leads to an end to suffering and a discovery by Chinese doctors that symptoms of disease seemed to disappear when patients were pressed in certain places.

A reflexology treatment involves the gentle massage of pressure points on the feet (or the hands or ears depending on the treatment given). Many nerves end in the feet and it is believed that by stimulating them we may help the nervous system to relax and even remove physical blockages (perhaps caused by illness) from nerves in other areas of the body. This is thought to improve the body’s functioning.

In a more spiritual aspect a reflexologist also works with the body’s internal energies known as Qi (pronounced Chi). It is believed that by removing blockages in the life force we can ensure that the body’s natural healing process can continue, undoing illness and flowing to the areas in the body that need it the most.

Reflexology is well suited to use as part of a long term health plan because it is thought to maintain general wellbeing. In China it is believed to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Common Uses

Reflexology is used to balance the body as a whole and maintain and improve it’s internal energies so it can help with a variety of problems. The most common uses of reflexology include the treatment of; Fatigue and Exhaustion, Low Immune System, Insomnia, Respiratory Problems, Pain Relief, Hormonal Issues, Digestive Trouble and Stress Related Conditions.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that we are unable to claim that this treatment has any medical or scientific effectiveness and so therapy should only be undertaken with appropriate discretion, research or conversation with your GP.

Session Prices

Initial Consultation and Treatment
A short comprehensive consultation will be taken upon your first session to establish your treatment requests and requirements. This will be followed by a slightly shortened but complete reflexology massage treatment.
1 hour (10min consultation, 50min massage): £40

Continuing or Follow Up Treatments
A continuation of your reflexology work with more intensive therapy and focus on specific areas. The inclusion of additional needs or concerns will be added as your treatment evolves. 
1 hour (60min massage): £40

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Aftercare: To find out more about our recommended aftercare, how to look after yourself after a treatment with us and what you can expect after a therapy session we suggest reading our aftercare advice page.  Here you can find all our supported tips on getting the most of your treatment, extending your therapy at home and improving your experiences with us. A sheet containing this information will be given to you at the end of your first session and are otherwise available on request.