Remedial Massage

relaxingmassageRemedial massage is a modern treatment often referred to as ‘Sports massage’ and has been developed along similar lines to osteopathy and physiotherapy by involving joint manipulation, multi-directional muscle stretching and soft tissue release thus helping to increase overall flexibility, reduce discomfort and release tension.

This technique utilises pressure points and direct interaction with specific muscle groups to offer relief from minor injuries, chronic muscle pain, inflammation and ‘solid’ tension.

Remedial massage aims to treat the source of recurring problems, restoring range of motion to stiffened joints and releasing ‘knots’. The use of firm pressure and deep tissue work assists maintenance of posture and good muscle tone, balances muscular load and helps to re-establish positive movement patterns.

Best For: Bad Backs, Neck & Shoulder pain, Pulled & Injured Muscles, Frozen or Locked Muscles, ‘Knots’, Stiffness and Decreased Range of Movement.


An initial consultation is included in the first session and lasts for roughly 15mins.

60 mins. Targeted Treatment: £45
30 mins. Follow Up Treatment: £35
90 mins. Full Body MOT: £65

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.