Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep tissue remedial technique that focuses on improving muscle tone and releasing tension to increase performance and training stamina. It helps to treat muscle fatigue and improve recovery time. 

Reflexology2General Information

Sports massage is a modern treatment developed by top athletes and trainers to improve training and sport performance outcomes. It works with muscular structures rather than soft tissues and so is very adept at addressing muscular tension and postural problems which hinder full muscle potential. Treatment often involves joint manipulation, multi-directional muscle stretching and fascia release, increasing overall flexibility.

This, alongside the local circulation and lymph drainage provided by massage, invigorates the bodily response – helping to increase sporting performance and reduce the risk of injury. It can even help to improve recovery time from injury and illness as more healing cells, oxygen and nutrients are encouraged into the area, where as waste products such as the fluid causing swelling are drained away. This can also help with encouraging new connections and muscle bulk to form.

Massage can reduce thickening of connective tissue, helping to release restrictions and increasing joint mobility. It can also free adhesions and improve muscle tone and balance which reduces the physical stress placed on the bones and aid in the breaking down of scar tissue – improving scar appearance and functionality.

The relaxing nature of this massage also contributes some key psychological improvements such as a reduction in stress, which is vital for continued physical performance.

Common Uses

The most common uses of Sports Massage include the treatment of; Muscle stiffness, Muscle Tension, Trigger Points (Knots), Muscle Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Tension Headaches, Limited Physical Motion, Minor Injury Recovery and Improved physical performance.

Session Prices

Initial Consultation

For remedial massage the initial consultation is highly detailed and will help to draw up a full, personalised, treatment plan.

60 mins – Initial Consultation and Treatment: £50

Follow Up Treatments
Additional concerns can be addressed as therapy progresses and will not need another consultation. Most of my clients only need 30 minutes for their follow up sessions unless their needs are particularly complex.

30 mins. Follow Up Treatment: £35
60 mins. Targeted Treatment: £45
90 mins. Full Body MOT: £65

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Our recommend aftercare tips let you know what can be expected after your treatment and outline several ways to continue your treatment at home, allowing you to get the best from your chosen therapy!