Stone Massage

Stone Massage or ‘Hot Stone Massage’ is a modern therapy based on more ancient treatments. The therapy uses a combination of hot and sometimes cold stones on the body as a tool for massage, allowing a much deeper and often more effective massage than normal.

General Informationhotstone

The use of hot stones increases the body’s relaxation response and pre-heats the muscles which allows the therapist to massage more deeply without causing discomfort. The heat also increases local blood and lymphatic circulation bringing more oxygen to the body’s systems and aiding repair and immunity. It can help increase the range of joint movement and reduce pain and tension.

The use of cold stones can help to reduce swelling, muscular spasm and painful inflammation. When used in conjunction with hot stones the contrast of temperatures is believed to cause the lymphatic vessels to constrict and dilate, initiating a ‘pumping’ action (which the lymphatic system does not normally have) and so move waste and stagnant fluid out of the area and healing cells into the area. The contrast also produces a gentle tissue work out; stimulating without stressing the area, which can be very useful for areas that need rest as they are healing.

Traditional stone therapy also has a more spiritual aspect where the stones used in the therapy are believed to hold some of the deep energy from inside the earth which can be relayed positively from contact during treatment. As a result I often place or work with stones at body ‘gateways’ known as chakras in order to improve the body’s life force flow and will spend time ‘re-energising’ my stones in-between treatments.

Common Uses

The most common uses for stone massage include the treatment of; Chronic Pain, Muscular Tension, Joint Soreness or Problems, Inflammatory Conditions, Stress, Depression and Anxiety.

Session Prices

Sessions are entirely flexible. If you would like massage work focusing on a particular area during your booked time, simply ask and your needs will be accommodated!  Treatment currently only available in Thame.

60 mins. Whole Body Massage: £50
90 mins. Whole Body, Face and Head: £70

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.


Our recommend aftercare tips let you know what can be expected after your treatment and outline several ways to continue your treatment at home, allowing you to get the best from your chosen therapy!